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Month: May 2015

Let your kids choose not to go to church today and they’ll choose not to go when they are adults

I really liked this–he makes a great point! What your kids see you do will influence them more than what they hear you say!

15 Photos Apostolic Kids Can Relate To


1. Underneath the pew:


Whether it’s because that’s where you were sleeping to avoid getting stepped on or had to crawl under to get out of the aisle, the underside of the pew was a very familiar place.


2. Getting a dollar to put in the offering plate was the highlight of service. It was even cooler if you were tithing and got to fill out one of these:



3. Your Sunday School papers looked a lot like this one:



4. Speaking of Salvation, Acts 2:38 was the first verse you ever memorized:



5. Sunday wasn’t the only day you were at church. You also spent 5 days a week in church school working on these:



6. And every year this was the graduation song:



7. If you finished your PACEs early, you got to read a book like this one:



8. Or this one:


You also listened to Sugar Creek Gang on the radio along with Adventures in Odyssey, Your Story Hour, Children’s Bible Hour (Hi Uncle Charlie!), and Unshackled (which sometimes gave you nightmares).


9. You learned most of your Bible stories and biblical principles from Mr. Whittaker:



10. And learned a lot of praise songs from this hymnal:


“We’re singing praaaaises, We’re singing praaaaises, We’re singing praises unto J-E-S-U-S our Savior!”


11. Or this hymnal:


Although usually you read this book when you got bored in church and tried to count just how many songs in it Fanny Crosby wrote.


12. Most of your favorite songs came from this tape/CD though:



13. Every time you went to the Christian store you looked for the card with your name on it:



Bonus points if you still have this card in your Bible somewhere.


14. You probably still have one of these somewhere too:



15. And lastly, you may still have a Bible with this picture on the inside of the front cover:







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